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Portable Handheld Inkjet Printers

Portable handheld inkjet printers allow for convenient, contact-free mobile printing. Handheld inkjet coders are an ideal alternative to traditional hand-coding methods. They are ideal to use for product marking on the go in warehouses, stockyards, and stores.
We offer large and small character handheld printers for a variety of substrates. This includes porous and non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, fabric, concrete, ceramic, and plastic. Ink cartridges are quick and easy to install. Cleaning cartridges can flush the system to change out the ink.
Lightweight, wireless, and compact coding for any budget! Print anywhere with a printer that goes everywhere!

Small Character Portable Handheld Inkjet Printers

MSSC Smart Jet® Handheld Printer

The Smart Jet® Handheld Printer offers a breakthrough design for true mobile use. Programmable using an Android device or a keyboard for quick changes on the go. This compact printer can print high-resolution characters, logos, and barcodes. Capable of printing at any angle and even on small diameter materials. Store up to 100 messages on internal storage. Ultra-portable and lightweight.

Large Character Portable Handheld Inkjet Printers

EBS-250 HandJet Printer

The EBS-250 HandJet makes offline coding and marking of products simple. Weighing a little over two pounds, the EBS-250 is an ideal replacement for traditional marking methods such as stencil machines, stamps, and roll coders. This portable handheld printer uses solvent-based inks in a wide array of colors for fast and clean printing on corrugated, metal, glass, plastic substrates, and more. Capable of printing up to 100,000 characters with a dot matrix of 7×5. Up to 50 continuous hours of printing with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

EBS-260 HandJet Printer

The EBS-260 HandJet is a portable, handheld, ultra-compact, and light inkjet printer. Weighing at only 3.5 pounds. The EBS-260 is for users who need a reliable and mobile way of marking, coding, and labeling their products. The EBS-260 can print 32 dots with print heights up to 2.2″ on one to four separate lines of code. Single- or multi-line messages capability. Print on porous and non-porous surfaces using quick-drying and application-specific inks, including colors. Cleaning cartridges flush the system for quick clean-up and periodic maintenance. Communication to the EBS-250 is available via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.