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Labeling Supplies

In thermal transfer printing, the printer, ribbon, and substrate work together as a printing system. The technology is simple and works by melting ink from the thermal transfer ribbon onto the receiver/substrate. It dries instantly and there is no liquid ink. Thermal transfer printers can be installed on a variety of different packaging machines, such as both horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal packaging machines and label applicators.

Direct thermal ribbons have a coating on them that is imaged by heat from a thermal printhead. They are typically used for short-term labeling needs. We can provide both thermal transfer and direct thermal labels in roll forms. The quality of direct thermal labels has continued to improve.

We carry a variety of labeling supplies for thermal transfer printing such as blank perforated and non-perforated thermal transfer label stock rolls, thermal transfer ribbons, and thermal transfer printheads. Thermal transfer labels can be used for shipping labels, product identification, packaging information, and for inventory tracking and control. While they require a thermal transfer ribbon to print, thermal transfer labels offer a longer shelf life than direct thermal labels. We have both available because both are needed.

We have thermal transfer ribbons that are available in wax, resin, and wax-resin blend. Our ribbons offer superior smudge and scratch resistance and unbeatable edge definition. We can help determine the correct thermal transfer ribbon for your specific application. Additionally, we can provide high-quality replacement printheads at up to 25% less than OEM prices.

When you need advice on which label technology (thermal transfer or direct thermal) is best for your particular need, please call us toll-free (800-627-5832) for some no-obligation advice.