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Print Validation Systems

SquidCheck Print Validation System

SquidCheck™ offers print and verification of the bar codes printed on your cases, trays, pipe, or other products. SquidCheck utilizes bar code readers from Cognex®, the world’s most trusted machine vision and industrial bar code reading company. The reader is integrated with a Squid Ink printer and SquidCheck interface to ensure that codes are present, scannable, and accurate.

  • Bar code print quality validation on the fly
  • Performance feedback on each and every code or error if needed
  • Reporting of real-time or historical data
  • Traceability of your product and protection of your brand
  • Elimination of rework due to missing or unreadable codes because of poor printer setup or maintenance
  • Cognex reader provides best-in-class read rates
  • Easy to install system and simple software