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Dusty, Wet and Hot Environments

Leibinger Jet3UP Pro IP65 Coder – Small Character Printer

The Jet3 Pro has been manufactured to meet IP65 standards, Dust Proof and Water Proof – the highest rating for equipment protection. It operates continuously in hostile dust and wet environments. The Pro was created for food processors who must hose down their processing equipment daily and for food processors who package flour, sugar, salt, and similar products that creates significant dust. The Jet3 Pro IP65 uses plant air to pressurize the printhead and cabinet. 24 Month Parts Warranty.

Matthews MPERIA Harsh Environment (H.E.) Controller

The MPERIA Standard H.E. has the same capability as the MPERIA Standard, and offers a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure making it suitable for harsh environments. For use with Matthews Hi-Res, TIJ & Valve-Jet Printheads. This MPERIA Controller can also control non-Matthews printing systems with the addition of customer software.