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Full-Color High-Resolution Printers

Limitronic Full Color High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

Limitronic offers a versatile line of full-color high-resolution in-line digital printing systems which allows users to print true-to-life color images on virtually any surface. Limitronic printers use UV LED technology that allows for printing on any surface, porous or non-porous, such as glossy, coated cardboard, paper, textiles, wood, plastic, foam, EPS and more using either oil-based or UV LED inks.

  • Full color in-line printing, any color, custom colors, or black.
  • Print images, barcodes, graphics, and text in real-time.
  • Print on demand – eliminate preprinted shipping cases, pails, and containers.
  • Flexibility in short runs and promotions, print any quantity.
  • No stopping to change consumables, swap out while you run production.
  • Oil-based ink for porous surfaces and UV LED ink for non-porous surfaces with instant dry time.

Limitronic printers allow for box customization in real-time for product coding and decorating with one piece of equipment. Other benefits include reducing stock of preprinted packaging and flexibility in short runs and promotions. Limitronic printers are exceptionally low maintenance and there are no stoppages needed to change consumables. Inks dry almost instantly.

Limitronic V5 Series

For coding, marking and decorating general applications.

V5 Standard Multi-Head

  • Up to 4 printheads per controller
  • Inclined printing from any angle
  • Print height from 70mm to 280mm

V5 Upjet

  • Mineral Oil Free (MOF) Inks
  • Optional encoder
  • Maximum print speed of 30m/min.

V5 Lite

  • Omnidirectional printing on inclines/ramps
  • Oil based and UV LED Ink
  • Optional encoder


  • Code and decorate with one system
  • Oil based and UV LED ink
  • Multiple densities and contrasts

V5 Compact

  • Compact, mono-block design
  • High-quality printing at a reduced cost
  • Oil based and UV LED ink

Limitronic V6 Series

For high speed applications or where a high number of heads is needed.

V6 Color

  • Full color industrial inkjet printer at fast speeds
  • Coding and decoration with just one piece of equipment
  • 60 m/min. for single-pass at 360 dpi

V6 Lite

  • Dual-color in one compact inkjet printer
  • Native resolution of 180 dpi up to 60 m / min
  • Oil based and UV LED ink

V6 Standard

  • Multi-block printer to print opposite faces and different heights
  • Oil based and UV LED inks
  • Printing on ramps of any inclination
  • Optional encoder

V6 Titan

  • Digital printing on both opposite sides of EPS rigid boxes
  • UV LED technology
  • V.O.C. free application
  • Covered with a stainless steel housing

Limitronic V7 Series

For “turnkey” or special applications, with the possibility of combining different technologies.
  • High-speed, single-pass inkjet printer
  • Vertical native resolution 360 dpi
  • UV LED inks
  • High-resolution inkjet printer with white ink for high contrast printing
  • Prints at a vertical native resolution 360 dpi
  • UV LED inks