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Coder Inks and Solvents – Small Character Printers

Small Character CIJ Inks, Make-Up Solvents & Cleaning Solutions

We sell inks for the following brands of products: Leibinger and Linx

Why PIN CIJ Printing Inks?

PIN offers high quality CIJ inks, make-up solvents and cleaning solutions for small ink jet coders to companies in the manufacturing and packaging industries.
We offer the broadest line of direct replacement CIJ fluids for alll major OEM systems.
PIN offers a wide network of knowledgeable sales representatives and technicians.
PIN fluids are extremely clean; our customers get 100% utilization of our ink products.
PIN Inks are precision formulated and follows the strictest industry standards.
PIN packaging offers exact OEM replacement containers.
Most PIN formulas are a 100% direct replacement, which means NO FLUSHING required.
Nozzle exchange program for Videojet users!

More…PIN CIJ Printing Inks!

  • Cleanest CIJ fluids in the industry
  • 33% longer shelf life
  • Exceeds OEM specifications
  • Dye based, pigmented, UV curing and UV Inks from single source
  • Large selection of CIJ parts

Product Identification Network

Product Identification Network (PIN) distributes OEM-quality replacement inks and solvents. PIN also offers many parts and filters for a wide variety of OEM printing systems. When it comes to replacing your inkjet fluids with a high quality alternative, you can trust PIN Inks.