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New Equipment Installation

The equipment we sell uses leading edge technology which is made by industry leaders in those technology fields. This means you are purchasing reliability and longevity as well as a marking system. Even the best equipment needs service periodically.

Factory Trained and Certified Technicians – Marktec invests heavily in technical repair training of our technicians for the equipment we sell and service. Manufacturers’ introduce new makes and models every 12 – 24 months. This requires our technicians to attend multiple factory schools for new equipment service training and advance training such as “engine repair” schools. A new technician will cost Marktec as much as $20,000 in training expenses and tuition during the first year and then at least half that cost for continuing and upgrade training and each year thereafter. We “invest” in training to enable our technicians to provide you with top performance (without excuses), when your line is down and you need to get it back up and running now.

Expert Installation onto your conveyor lines; installation inside packaging equipment such as tray formers; “hand shake” assistance when interfacing with a PLC or PC based communications devices; and design assistance when you need to make customized bracketry. We can network multiple inkjet printers or label printers together.

We install during normal Marktec business hours, evenings, early AM hours before lines start up, and on weekends. After hour and weekend installation adds to cost but – it is available when you need it and it can eliminate production downtime!

Line Inspections before you purchase – of your conveyor lines and packaging equipment, where you want to code or label. We often discover issues during these inspections that can be dealt with in the planning and budgeting stage. This eliminates installation problems and issues later on that can delay installations or prevent good coding and labeling from occurring. Issues often involve minor conveyor modifications, equipment mounting, product and case guidance, requirements unique to barcode printing and barcode scanning, and other criteria. We offer free scanning of any barcode you are printing from our equipment, ink, labels, and ribbons. We can advise you if it scanned, if it meets a particular barcode industry specification, and what grade it received. Just send it in and we will do the rest at no charge.

In-Plant Equipment Demonstrations – our company philosophy for 30 years has been: “try before you buy”.Our motto is “No Guessing”. We pre-qualify an application with a questionnaire, we conduct in-plant production line inspections, we offer on line equipment demonstrations of equipment you are evaluating to purchase, to enable you to learn more about a particular technology and how it fits with your particular needs. In-plant demonstrations provide you with valuable information and insight on specifically how a piece of equipment operates and you can observe the end result quality and placement of printing and labeling onto your products and cases, in your plant, on your production line, and under your production environment. This lets your mechanics ask questions about maintenance requirements, and understand equipment operation, which enables mechanics to give management important feedback comparing our equipment performance and features with competitive equipment you may be evaluating. It also helps you determine operating supply costs because we are printing your exact messages onto your products, at your line speeds, and product volumes. From this information we can calculate approximate supply usages and costs. Another benefit you derive from in-plant demonstrations is that it lets you determine what a particular piece of equipment cannot do. After this process of “try before you buy” you and your staff will feel “comfortable” with what to purchase and if to purchase and your questions and concerns will be answered.

Toll Free Telephone Support (800-627-5832)
Our field service technicians are frequently at customer sites. We almost always have one technician available at Marktec to support customers by phone during normal Marktec business hours and days. When you have a problem you don’t have to guess, just call us toll free for the answer to your problem. After normal business hour telephone support is available and is chargeable by the hour or by contract.

Parts in Stock and Overnight Availability – We keep thousands of dollars of parts in stock and our suppliers maintain part volumes that enable you to receive most parts overnight.

Marktec Customer Service Department – is here to support you as well. We can provide part numbers, tell you if we have a part in stock, and take orders for parts and supplies – all with a smile.