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Bench Top Gummed Tape and Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers

Electric Bench Top Gummed Tape Dispensers

Better Pack® 500 Series

The rugged and reliable Better Pack® 500 offers simple, one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape. Durable construction, built-in safety features and fast tape dispensing make the Better Pack 500 the perfect choice in demanding work environments with medium- to high-volume packaging needs.

Better Pack® 555e Series

The Better Pack® 555e Series is made for a fast-paced packaging environment. The series includes various models designed for the U.S. and international markets. In the U.S., there is the BP555eS and the BP555eSA. The difference between these two is the “A”which stands for the Automatic Tape Advance Feature. With the “A”, once a piece of tape is removed from the dispenser, another automatically advances, thus enhancing productivity.

Better Pack® 755eS Series

The Better Pack® 755eS is a rugged workhorse that excels in demanding environments, especially when sealing random sized cartons in fast-paced, medium to high volume packaging operations. It quickly accommodates to packing different box sizes and safely handles your heaviest, bulkiest and freight-bound packages. The 755eS handles both reinforced and non- reinforced tape from 1” to 4”wide.

Effortless Operation• Smooth-touch, easy to use, color-coded key pad with 20 preset tape lengths–plus a random key which allows for continuous, uninterrupted tape dispensing
• Dispenses from 6” to 75” of tape with touch of a button

Better Pack® 755eSA Series

The Better Pack® 755eSA is ideal for high volume carton sealing applications that include heavy,
bulky packages. Three dispensing modes offer the packer complete flexibility to choose the mode that best suits each sealing situation. As an added benefit, the Better Pack® 755eSA handles reinforced and non-reinforced tape from 1” to 4” wide.

Easy to Use

• Choose from three dispensing modes: manual, auto- repeat or 1-2-2 (H-pattern)
• User adjustable tape length allows for dispensing up to 100 inches of tape
• Customize dispensing speed by setting 1-30 second delay in auto-repeat mode – Safe, Dependable and Convenient
• Meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards for operator

Manual Bench Top Gummed Tape Dispensers

Better Pack® 333 Plus

The Better Pack® 333 Plus water-activated paper tape dispenser is rugged, reliable and is the world’s #1 selling manual water-activated paper tape dispenser. Companies and government agencies around the world have chosen this rugged and easy-to-use manual water-activated paper tape dispenser over any other brand to solve their carton sealing needs. The Better Pack 333 Plus is built to last and is engineered to provide many years of consistent, reliable performance. The Better Pack 333 is perfect for use in light- to medium-volume packaging areas and can be used with either reinforced or non-reinforced water-activated paper tape.

Better Packages® TapeShooter Model 404 Manual Taper

Sleek, Portable and Versatile Gummed Tape Dispenser with its sleek styling and small footprint, the TapeShooter 404 is an attractive sealing device that fits in well on any countertop or work bench. When used to dispense paper water-activated tape, such as BetterSeal Secure Tape, the lever-operated TapeShooter 404 simplifies many specialty sealing applications and ensures a secure, professional seal.

Rugged, Reliable Sealing for Specialty Applications

• Neighborhood food service establishments such as sandwich shops, pizza restaurants and bakeries
• Supermarket deli, seafood and meat counters
• Meat packing facilities
• Floral retailers and wholesalers
• Gift, mail order and specialty shops
• Mail rooms and packing stations
• Production, assembly and shipping workstations
*Professionally Seal a Multitude of Containers and Wrappings
• Uncoated corrugated or cardboard containers
• White butcher wrap and freezer paper
• Corrugated wrap
• Kraft wrapping paper
• Void fill paper, such as Bogus paper
• Kraft and white literature mailers
• Uncoated pizza and floral boxes

Ink Jet Bench Top Gummed Tape Dispensers

Better Pack® 500 Ink Jet

The Better Pack® 500-IJ Ink Jet Printer System is an easy to use, its flexible, and areliable Hi-Resolution ink jet printer using Special HP ink jet cartridges. You can program it to print logo’s, alpha-numeric text, and variable data such as time, date, and consecutive numbers directly onto the tape as it dispenses. The ink dries very quickly. You can print one or multiple lines of
text. Now you can print tamper evident messages, customer specified information such as purchase order numbers, part numbers, etc. automatically.

The BP500 Ink Jet Printer is integrated into the BP500 Electronic taper which is sold separately which is purchased with the BP500 Ink Jet Printer. You now have a taping and printing system to meet internal and customer required information.

Ink Jet Kit
• High resolution ink jet printer, 300 dpi
• Ink jet powered by Hewlett Packard
• Ink cartridge system…no more ink spills
• Print head in Ink Cartridge
• Ability to purchase entire system or components!
Ink Jet Software
• Variable character heights
• Time and date stamping
• Print up to 3 logos in either one line mode
• Stores up to 99 messages or the two line modeComplete Standard System includes:
A controller with 4 line x 16 character LCD and tactile keypad for message entry. A high resolution print head module with complete mounting bracket.

Electronic Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers

Better Pack® PS2A

Compact, Table-Top Dispenser Built to Perform. The PS2A is a compact table-top Electronic Pressure-Sensitive Tape Dispenser that delivers automatic tape dispensing precision. The dispenser can utilize various pressure-sensitive tapes including masking tape and strapping tape, making it ideal for sub-assembly areas and small, light package sealing.

Features and Benefits:
• Auto-repeat function that continuously cuts and dispenses tape to the pre-set lengths.
• Special adjustable core allows for 1” and 3” tape core sizes.
• Color-coded, smooth-touch key pad for easy use.
• Heavy-duty 5-foot long electrical cord.
• Grounded for enhanced safety

Water-Activated Tape

Water-Activated Tape: Custom Printed and Unprinted

This is paper water-activated tape (WAT), that offers advantages other carton sealing methods do not. WAT Tape literally bonds with the corrugated carton, while most plastic tapes do not form a permanent seal. Paper water-activated tape is strong. It’s tamper evident. It gives packages a neat, professional appearance and protects a company’s brand image. AND it’s environmentally friendly.

We can supply plain tape, reinforced tape, and preprinted tape in white or tan.

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