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Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO)

FlexPackPRO Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is today’s cleanest, most effective way to print variable date codes, barcodes, text and graphics on flexible packaging film, labels, pouches, sheets, card stock and other materials. FlexPackPRO’s line of mid-priced, high-resolution TTO coders and specialty systems leads the industry in performance, variety and value.

FlexPackPRO® 130 Series 32mm

Small, economical, high-performance TTO coders for traditional date and lot coding on flexible packaging and labels.  Perfect for small packaging machines and labelers.

• 32mm (1.3”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent models
• Perfect for “small footprint” expiration dates and lot codes
• Economical digital upgrade from hot stamp printers and roller coders
• Recommended for both packaging machines and labelers

FlexPackPRO® 210 Series 53mm

 Among the most popular TTO printers on the market, FlexPackPRO® 210 Series coders provide high-resolution barcodes, date codes, text and graphics in virtually any packaging and labeling environment.

• 53mm (2.1”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent models
• Print “press quality” Best By dates, lot codes, barcodes, text and graphics
• High-speed performance for heavy volume applications
• Superior, cost-effective replacement for other brands of TTO

FlexPackPRO® 420 Series 107mm

For those applications requiring larger format codes, text and graphics, there is no better combination of performance and value than these outstanding 4.2” wide Thermal Transfer Overprinters.

• 107mm (4.2”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent models
• Print larger combinations of codes, logos, text and graphics
• Excellent option for printing variable ingredients and nutrition panels
• Up to 4.2” x 10” print area

FlexPackPRO® XT Series Next Generation TTO

Designed with the high volume industrial user in mind, the new FlexPackPRO® XT Series models provide many outstanding new benefits, including extra large ribbon capacity, rugged stainless steel controllers, increased print areas and more!

FlexPackPRO®32mm & 52mm All-Electric

For low-volume applications in smaller facilities with little or no access to compressed air, these cost-effective, all-electric TTO units get the job done.

FlexPackPRO® Off-Line Specialty Systems

In addition to the broadest offering of in-line TTOs, FlexPackPRO® offers the versatility and superior print quality of Thermal Transfer Overprinting in a number of cost-effective, off-line variable printing and coding systems as well.

Print pouches, sleeves, cards, envelopes, bags and flexible packaging film on-demand and offline with one of FlexPackPRO’s cost-effective stand-alone solutions.

FlexPackPRO® – TTO-Mounted Feeder-Conveyor Systems

FCS-1: The rugged, cost-effective solution for printing date codes, barcodes, nutrition facts, ingredients, logos and other text and graphics on-demand. A friction feeder and short conveyor with average print speed of 30 pieces per minute. Print area from 32mm x 50mm (1.26” x 1.97”) to 107mm x 75mm (4.22” x 4.93”), depending on printer model.

FCS-2: The advanced choice for automatic feeding and printing of virtually any type of bag or pouch, up to 15” x 15” in size. Highly reliable vacuum pick and place system on wide belt feeds and prints up to 60 pieces per minute in continuous motion. Print area from 32mm x 125mm (1.26” x 4.93”) to 107mm x 125mm (4.22” x 4.93”), depending on printer model.

FlexPackPRO® – TableTop TTO Systems for On-Demand Printing & Coding

Get the benefits of high-resolution digital on-demand printing and coding in a compact, manual TableTop TTO system. Print variable date codes, barcodes, logos, text and graphics directly onto bags, pouches, cards, tags, chipboard boxes and more. Integrated foot pedal triggers print.
Available with various 130, 210 and 420 Series TTO printer models, providing print areas of 1.3” x 2” / 1.3” x 2.75” / 2.1” x 2” / 2.1” x 3” / 4.2” x 3” / 4.2” x 5”. Print samples provided upon request.

FlexPackPRO® – Traversing TTO Printers for Multi-Lane Printing & Coding

Available with a 53mm (2.1”) or 107mm (4.2”) wide printhead, the FlexPackPRO® Traversing TTO system prints high-resolution codes, text and graphics on multi-lane packaging machines. Perfect for therform, fill and seal machines requiring multiple images across the packaging film web, these units print up to 16” across in one sweep. Available with both standard and X-Y motion mounting systems.

FlexPackPRO® – Multi-Unit TTO-Mounted Unwind-Rewind Systems

Reduce preprinted flexible packaging inventory with a custom-built, TTO-mounted, high-speed unwind-rewind system. Multiple TTO units can be positioned to print variable information, graphics and barcodes at different locations across the web of the roll, allowing you to customize generic packaging film
on-demand. Up to four individual FlexPackPRO TTO units can be integrated into one system (130, 210 and 420 Continuous models).

FlexPackPRO® – Autobagger TTO

Our Autobagger TTO models are specially designed to integrate easily into most stand-alone autobagger systems!

Rather than dealing with the expensive and tedious task of labeling products after they’ve been bagged, you can now integrate continuous TTO printing and coding directly onto your autobaggers, saving significant time and money. It’s also an excellent, cost-effective alternative to other autobagger printer modules.