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Thermal Inkjet Coders (TIJ)

Matthews VIAjet™ L-Series 

Powered by MPERIA®, the most versatile and powerful print management platform, the VIAjet™ L-Series thermal inkjet printer provides high print resolution at very high speeds. It can print 600×600 dpi at 196 ft/min (60m/min) and 75×600 dpi at up to 1,600 ft /min (488 m/min), significantly outperforming HP-based thermal inkjet systems.

The VIAjet™ L-Series has inks for both porous and non-porous applications and is proven to be a cost-effective alternative to thermal transfer and continuous inkjet printing as well as adhesive labels. An advanced design reduces ink consumption costs and improves uptime. Changeover is easy, simply snap in a new cartridge. For applications using high ink volumes, the optional VIAjet™ L-Series Bulk Ink System will meet your needs. The VIAjet™ L-Series Bulk Ink System allows you to significantly lower your cost per mark and allows you to print for a much longer period without stopping for change over.

The VIAjet™ L-Series thermal inkjet printheads are powered by the MPERIA® platform. The MPERIA® controller effectively manages messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations. An extensive selection of pre-formatted and configurable counters, batch controls, user-defined text fields, and barcode symbologies makes message creation and selection a breeze with the intuitive touchscreen interface. Seamless integration with ERP-/MRP-/WMS systems helps to reduce coding errors. Best of all, MPERIA® is expandable, allowing you to add other printheads or print technologies as needed, making your system investment secure.

FoxJet SoloSeries 

The SoloSeries thermal inkjet printers from FoxJet feature three controller options as well as a choice of two head heights. The product line features many thermal printing capabilities including up to 10 lines of alphanumerics as well as logos and 1D and 2D barcodes. The enclosed printhead design of the SoloSeries printers makes them truly industrial.

SoloSeries 45: This printhead offers up to 5 lines of print, varying character heights and easy logo placement for simple and flexible message creation. Built-in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration are easy to utilize. And the rugged enclosure protects the print cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality in industrial environments.

SoloSeries 90: This printhead from FoxJet offers up to a 1” tall print area for alphanumerics, logos and barcodes with NO MANUAL STITCHING. The SoloSeries 90 features two sets of photo sensors to ensure your message prints perfectly each time. And the printer’s robust build with its stainless steel faceplate provides durability and longevity.

MSSC Smart Jet® Duo Reach 

The Smart-Jet Duo Reach long throw distance printhead can print onto hard-to-reach surfaces with 10mm throw distance! The most unique feature of the Smart-Jet DUO REACH is how it’s designed for use with an all-new cartridge that can shoot ink up to 2x as far compared to other thermal inkjet cartridges. Plus, since it utilizes the DUO Controller, the REACH gives you the option to use up to two printheads with one DUO Controller. It also uses a MEK-based solvent that can print on almost any material you require, even porous and non-porous surfaces. Other benefits include a user-friendly touch screen controller, printing speeds up to 131 ft. (40m)/min at 300dpi, resolutions up to 600dpi, and universal UI software. The Smart-Jet® DUO REACH extends beyond what other printing technologies offer.

MSSC Smart Jet® Duo Max 

When your printing requirements require the maximum coverage area, the Smart-Jet® DUO MAX has massive appeal. Paired with the DUO Controller, the MAX gives you the opportunity to code 1″ tall messages on both sides of a product! It allows you to print everything from text, counter, box/lot, and expiration date to Julian date, shift code, and barcodes. And while you get the benefit of free design within a 1″ template area, there’s also the advantage of printing online data and integrating with other devices such as a PLC, camera, and check weigher. That’s a maximum amount of advantages you get with the SMART-JET® DUO MAX.

MSSC Smart Jet® Duo Pro 

The Smart-Jet® DUO PRO gives you the advanced printability features you require. The Smart-Jet® DUO can connect to either one or two printheads at one time, to give maximum flexibility and the ability to print on both sides of a production line, all controlled from a central 7″ touchscreen. It has the production speed you require at 249 ft. (76m)/min at 300dpi for printing everything from text, counter, box/lot, and expiration date to Julian date, shift code, and barcodes. The benefits continue with the capabilities of free design, printing online data, and integrating with a PLC, camera, and check weigher. It’s called the PRO because it’s designed to deliver the professional printing results you require.

MSSC Smart Jet® MAX 

With a 1″ tall seamless print area that doesn’t have to be stitched together, MSSC Smart-Jet Max Inkjet Printers are compact, reliable, and can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth technology (no router needed). This innovative coder can print bar codes, QR codes, and logos on porous and non-porous surfaces using bulk inks. A large display screen makes it easy to read and simple to operate.