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New Products

Valco Melton EcoStitch™ Gluing Solutions

Valco Melton offers a unique system design which utilizes a gear-pump driven by an electric motor to eliminate the need for a constantly pressurized system. This allows for perfect adhesive output and pattern control. Instead of controlling the adhesive volume with a combination of nozzle sizes and pressure settings, EcoStitch™ technology delivers variable dot sizes electronically without manual adjustment. EcoStitch™ does this by using the valve to control the volume of adhesive being used based on the time that the valve is open. This all-electric hot melt breakthrough solution eliminates nearly all maintenance and performance issues associated with traditional adhesive systems.

EcoStitch™ is ideal for applications with high line speeds, fast cycle rates, and long service life. Electric valves allow you to use a ‘stitch’ mode to apply the correct size of adhesive beads with virtually no stringing, to guarantee exceptionally accurate application, even at very high line speeds. The EcoStitch™ valve easily reaches 3,000 cycles per minute continuous duty and has a cycle lifetime of up to 300,000,000 cycles.  Paired with a Valco Melton pattern controller, you can customize patterns to optimize efficiency and reduce adhesive consumption.

Globaltek Bottomless Side Belt Transfer Conveyor

The Globaltek Bottomless Conveyor has variable speeds and is used in moving containers a short distance from one working/transportation conveyor to another. Designed to access the bottom side of the container for coding expiration dates, lot numbers, etc. The Gripper Belts are independently adjustable using an easy adjust handle wheel, accommodating containers up to 8″ in diameter.

Additional models available with enclosed frame and tilting capabilities or mounted.

Eastey Vertical Case Transport System

We now offer the Eastey Vertical Case Transport System for shipping cases. This transport enables a customer to ink jet print or label 1 – 4 sides of a K.D. shipping case in one pass, at speeds up to 40 cases a minute. You can now stop buying expensive short run preprinted cases, eliminate paying for expensive printing plates, and immediately have custom printed cases available to use in a matter of minutes. Free up crowded warehouse space and eliminate throwing away obsolete preprinted cases.

Please call us today at 800-627-5832 to find out how you can dramatically lower short run case costs permanently and print up to 4-sides of your case when customers require it!