New Products

Eastey Case Transport System:

We now offer the Eastey Vertical Case Transport System for shipping cases. This transport enables a customer to ink jet print or label 1 – 4 sides of a K.D. shipping case in one pass, at speeds up to 40 cases a minute. You can now stop buying expensive short run preprinted cases, eliminate paying for expensive printing plates, and immediately have custom printed cases available to use in a matter of minutes. Free up crowded warehouse space and eliminate throwing away obsolete preprinted cases.

Please call us today at 800-627-5832 to find out how you can dramatically lower short run case costs permanently and print up to 4-sides of your case when customers require it!

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AFM Shrink Sleeve Labels, Tamper Evident Banders, and Steam Tunnels:

AFM Shrink Sleeve Labels can label from 50 – 600 containers per minute. Shrink sleeve labels enable you to present your product with graphics round the complete circumference of your container. Sleevers can accommodate bottles and cans. Please call us to day to find out more about AFM Sleevers and tamper evident banders. AFM offers multiple steam heat tunnels. AFM now offers the WSN-GEN S Steam Heat Tunnel. This first of a kind all in one unit includes its own steam generator which means you can position it anywhere in your facility without the need to install steam lines. Its variable speed conveyor will move up to 200 containers per minute, perfect for many shrink sleeve applications.

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NuLabel LInerless Label Printer and Labels:

NuLabel manufacturers a break-through label printer-applicator.  This labeler lowers your cost of labels by as much as 20%. It has outstanding label adhesion to corrugated cases. Labels cannot fall off, curl, or be removed. It offers 50% less production line downtime for label roll changes, no ribbon costs, and no landfill waste for label liners.

Call us to day to find out how much you can save using NuLabel linerless labels!

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