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Coder Inks and Solvents – Large Character Printers

Large Character Printing and Fault Detection Inkjet Fluids

We sell inks for the following brands of products: FoxJet, Marsh, Matthew, PIN & Squid

Inkjet Fluids That Meet Or Exceed OEM Standards

Exacting filtration standards eliminate more particulate matter than OEM inks
ISO 9001 manufacturing standards ensure consistent formulations
Protected by the industry’s only comprehensive warranty
Printhead cleaning program for guaranteed performance
Deliver within three working days on most orders
Custom formulations available on request

The Industry’s Best Warranty

The inks and related fluids we supply for use in non-impact coders and printers are carefully selected and undergo extensive laboratory performance analysis prior to introduction. PIN warrants its products are free from defects in material and workmanship and will provide full replacement or credit for products which we supply that are defective and returned by the customer.

PIN also warrants that its inks and related fluids will not cause excessive or abnormal wear to the Inkjet printer/coder.

This warranty excludes normal wear and tear to the printer/coder.

Clean Up with Reduran

Reduran, the professional’s choice in hand cleaners, is now available from PIN. Formulated especially to remove Inkjet dyes from skin, Reduran is solvent-free, fast-acting and effective.