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Shrink Sleeve Labels and Tamper Evident Bands

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Full Body Shrink Sleeve

Full Body & Cap Shrink Sleeve

Middle Shrink Sleeve

Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeve labels are an ideal solution for marketing products and are rising quickly in popularity. With their bright colors and sleek look, shrink sleeve labels help catch the eye of the consumer by standing out on the shelves and in turn, creating brand awareness for the product. One great feature of shrink sleeve labels is that the whole surface of the product can be covered with eye-catching graphics and information about your product. Because the labels are custom, you can create a design that fits your brand and tells your customers a story about your company.

Another benefit of using shrink sleeve labels is the ability to have your artwork conform to unique packaging shapes. A shrink sleeve label is placed around the product to which it will be applied, and once heat is applied the sleeve begins to shrink to the product. Imagery is specially manipulated so that the final conformed image does not warp or compromise branding. And while the sleeve does conform to the container, it does not stick to it, which allows for easy removal during the recycling process.

With full reverse print capabilities, our shrink sleeves are the perfect solution for stimulating shelf appeal to your entire product line, even when using the same container for all of your products! By using shrink sleeve labels, you can stock a generic package and then adjust artwork to suit various changes such as special releases, seasonal items, or limited release items.

Full-body shrink sleeves cover the entire container to create a 360-degree design from top to bottom. These sleeves can be used for single packaging or for multi-pack. Multi-pack is when multiple containers are packaged together by utilizing a larger shrink sleeve. This type of packaging is often used when offering a two-for-one sale, packaging products to sell excess inventory, or when adding a new sample to an existing product. Middle sleeve shrink labels are used to cover part of the container. This label is typically used in consumer products like beverage, food, and health and beauty.

When using a full-body and cap sleeve, the cap of the container is covered by a part of the sleeve called a tamper-evident band. The tamper-evident band commonly has a perforation making it easier for consumers to open. Utilizing tamper bands is a common safety measure that reassures consumers the product that they are purchasing has not been opened.

Shrink sleeve labels can either be applied by hand or with automated equipment, depending on the size and application speeds desired. We can provide sleeve applicators for a wide range of production speeds and environments. Many companies use shrink sleeve equipment to keep production rates high and their operation running as efficiently as possible.

For automated application, the labels are put on a sleeve roll that is fed into the label applicator. The labels are then fed through the machine into a cutting assembly and cut to a specified height. The cut labels are then applied to the container by using the equipment’s label applicator wheels.

Once the container is covered with a sleeve, a heat source is used to shrink the label to the container. There are many types of heat tunnels to choose from depending on the desired finish and style of the product.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Now more than ever, the security and safety of products are important to consumers. Tamper-evident bands are a great way to add an extra layer of security to products while giving customers peace of mind. A tamper-evident band is a strip of film, typically PVC, PET-G, PLA, or OPS, that is wrapped around the neck and cap of a product. These bands are especially common with food and beverage products, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and many other products.

The tamper band is an indicator for consumers to see if a product has been opened. This method of shrink labeling prevents grazing, which is when a product has been opened and then placed back on a store shelf. People are less inclined to open a product when there is a tamper-evident band around the cap. If grazing has occurred, an employee can see that the product has been tampered with and remove it from the shelf.

Tamper-evident bands can be applied as just a neckband or part of a full-body application that covers the entire container and the cap. On many tamper-evident bands, the film is perforated with a vertical or horizontal line to make opening easier for the consumer. The perforation allows consumers to easily tear off the tamper-evident band entirely, or tear off just the band and leave the full-body shrink label intact. Many manufacturers are using tamper bands for marketing purposes by adding logos and text to the film. The addition of colorful tamper bands provides product security with increased shelf appeal.