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Why Printing Cases off-line, just in time, can save you a significant amount of Money $$$$$, time, and eliminate the hassle factor.

Problem: High labor costs and material costs for inventory of preprinted cases

When you have many SKU’s and you use preprinted cases, you have a lot of Material Handling direct labor involved and related costs. They include:

  • Constant ordering of preprinted cases in small quantities.
  • Overbuying and under buying – never the correct amount
  • The time it takes to receive them from a supplier. (Lead time)
  • The cost of printing plates and the time to get them.
  • Warehousing cases, retrieving them, and trying to find them in the warehouse.
  • Throwing away unused / obsolete preprints.
  • Tying up valuable warehouse space for months.
  • Weekly labor to constantly Inventory them.
  • The cost of preprinted shipping labels, inventorying them, and storing them.
  • The cost of labor and materials to print labels on a desk top printer.
  • Staff shortages
  • No need for a powered conveyor, use them at your packing stations.
  • Other related factors.

Whether you print labels and apply them by hand, purchase preprinted labels, or purchase printed shipping cases, you are constantly chasing the rabbit!

Solution: Eliminate those constant costs by automating your case and tray identification, Just-In-Time. Realize permanent savings.

You can now Print your shipping cases in house and just-in-time. No more ordering printed cases, no plates, just the right quantity, one day ahead of time.

 Purchase and Inventory cases by Size, not by SKU’s. Reduce your material handling costs by as much as 75%. Most manufacturers use a limited number of case sizes to pack hundreds of SKU’s.

How: Print your shipping cases off-line, just in time, very fast, on one or all four sides, in or near your production area.

You can print 25 to 40 cases per minute, depending upon your case sizes, with text, graphics, logos, barcodes, and other information. Print as a standalone or interface it with your IT data base.


More and more customers interface this printer with your IT database for “tight” control of your message content, layout, and product ingredient descriptions. Never run out of cases again. At 30 cases/minute, you can print 300 cases in 10 minutes on one or all four sides in one pass. You can literally print just one case if you need it!

Who makes this Cost Savings Equipment?: Eastey Ent. & Squid Ink jet Company.

Eastey div. of Engage Technologies manufactures this Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS). Their sister division Squid Ink makes great high resolution ink jet printers that attach to the Eastey VCTS to print text, images, and graphics up to 5.6” high. Because cases are printed when they are flat (not erected) you can print one or two adjacent sides in one pass, or all four sides.

Find Out More: Call Marktec sales today at 585-344-4102 so we can:

Ask you about what you want to accomplish, send video links showing this system in operation, and have a discuss this how we can help improve your operation. With constant staff shortages, it’s time to start automating to realize permanent savings.

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