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Thermal Inkjet Coders (TIJ)

Matthews VIAjet L-Series

Thermal ink jet printing offers customers numerous benefits. First the engine is part of the ink system. Every time you change cartridges you get a “new” print engine. Matthews TIJ printers are available in .5”, 1”, and 2” print heights. You can use both porous surface fluids and non-porous fluids in the same printhead by simply swapping out ink cartridges. The MPERIA software systems in the controller offer many advantages, whether stand alone or networked.

FoxJet Solo Series 45

FoxJet’s SoloSeries 45 printhead offers up to 5 lines of print, varying character heights and easy logo placement for simple and flexible message creation. Built-in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration are easy to utilize. And the rugged enclosure protects the print cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality in industrial environments.

FoxJet Solo Series 90

The SoloSeries 90 printhead from FoxJet offers up to a 1” tall print area for alphanumerics, logos and barcodes with NO MANUAL STITCHING. The SoloSeries 90 features two sets of photo sensors to ensure your message prints perfectly each time. And the printer’s robust build with its stainless steel faceplate provides durability and longevity.

FoxJet Marksman HHI Plus

The new Marksman HHI Plus controller delivers all the power of the full range SoloSeries software, in the palm of your hand.