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Total Cost of Ownership

TCO: Do You Know How Much Your Continuous Inkjet Printer is Really Costing You?

Leibinger small character inkjet printers are marking systems typically used for fast, non-contact and reliable marking and coding on products of every type and from every industry. Leibinger CIJ printers offer significant cost saving advantages over competing small character inkjet printers due to the unique engineering and design of the Leibinger printer itself.

It is important to look beyond the initial purchasing price and look at the total cost of ownership, or TCO, when purchasing capital equipment. TCO is not just the cost of the initial purchase price, but it’s also the operating costs over that asset’s lifespan. That includes expected costs to be incurred such as ink and solvent, maintenance labor, maintenance parts, especially filter kits and module changes. These are “hidden” operating costs not usually calculated, shown, or discussed in detail at the time of purchasing a printer, but they represent a major TCO cost over the life span of a printer. Line downtime is also a vital factor when field service is not available or available quickly.

By calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO), you can fully assess and understand the real long-term cost and the resulting value of the purchase of a specific continuous inkjet printer, beyond the initial equipment purchase price. Corporate Management wants and needs to know about these costs before they approve a purchase.


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