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Just In Time Case Printing


Just In Time Case Printing (JIT)

Preprinted Shipping Cases: High volume packaging of the same Product is perfect for purchasing and using preprinted shipping cases. Just use an in-line ink jet printer to code the variable information such as lot #, date, etc.

Generic Case Printing: Provides tremendous flexibility and lower cost. Here’s how:

When you customer order is only for 25 – 250 cases of your product.

  • The purchase cost of low volume preprints is high.
  • The cost of printing plates can be $500.00 – $750.00 each.
  • The waiting time is long (nuisance order for your box supplier, he waits fit it in production or pay a special setup charge, each order).
  • You have to delay shipment to your customer until you receive them.
  • You have to overbuy the quantity needed for a minimum order quantity. Then you have to store the extra cases in the warehouse, try and find them when needed later, retrieve them, hope they are the right quantity, and throw away the cases no longer used or deteriorated due to age.

When your customer needs printing on multiple sides of their cases.

  • Two opposite sidesin one pass
  • Two adjacent sidesin one pass
  • All four sidesin one pass

When you have a large amount of text, barcodes, and graphics.

  • You can print almost anywhere on the case
  • Print your customer’s logo.
  • Print multiple symbology barcodes
  • Print special messages – protect from freezing, etc.
  • Use a wide range of case sizes.

New customer order you want to fill fast to impress them with your ability to respond

  • First impressions mean everything
  • Providing a printed empty case as part of your quotation – no one else will!
  • Fast – very fast! Print 20 to 40 cases per minute, depending upon your case width.

Consider using Custom printed pressure sensitive labels:

  • You have to print them.
  • Inventory multiple copies of them.
  • Retrieve them.
  • Hand apply them.
  • Purchase blank labels and ribbon.
  • Dedicate someone to print them.

What’s involved in Just-In-Time Generic case printing?

  • Eastey Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS).
  • Squid Ink Jet printing system configured to your print needs.
  • Orion software to create messages and load them in the print controller. Load them into the ink jet controller.
  • Optional Squid controller software to be able to receive messages from your IT database.

  • Three hours (approx.) of operator/maintenance training for using the VCTS and Squid Ink Jet System.

  • One – two hours of Orion Message creation software training.

Now you can have your Cake and Eat it to:

  • Purchase preprinted cases for long production runs.

  • Print Just-In-Time blank cases for low volume runs.

  • Immediate case printing response for rush orders and new customers.

  • Just-In-Time case printing on 2, 3, and 4 sides of your case in one print pass.

  • Eliminate the warehouse hassle: stock blank cases, print what you need, no warehouse material handling or storage.

  • Fast turnover of blanks, – no throwaways, no waste.

Contact us for more details and print samples.

  • Send a detailed list of your case sizes (when they are K.D. flat)

  • Include the usage percentage (%) of each size

  • Call us at 800-627-5832

  • E-mail:

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