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Industrial Hot Melt Adhesives

PT Adhesives

Tailored specifically for various packaging applications, PT Adhesive is a full range of ground-breaking, high-performance, hot melt adhesive designed to maximize adhesion, eliminate char, and provide customers with the most cost-efficient adhesive in the market. PT Adhesives are odor free and low emission and perform equally well in a cold winter or a hot summer environment. Adhesive types offered include metallocene, EVA, and pressure sensitive based formulations.

  • Reduced Consumption: Deep fiber penetration and superior bonding characteristics allow you to apply less adhesive to achieve the same bond strength.
  • Added Adhesion: Outstanding initial tack with fast set time ensure your cartons, cases, and trays won’t pop open.
  • Improved Machining: Clean machining eliminates stringing, tailing, and webbing with improved control for precise placement and application patterns.
  • Diminished Maintenance: Unmatched thermal stability eliminates adhesive from charring and clogging equipment, along with providing extended pot life stability.
  • Increased Value: Low specific gravity of adhesive translates to more volume per pound and higher yield.
  • Expanded Temperature Range: Excellent service temperature range (-40 to 165F) for resistance to extreme temperatures. Ideal for bonding for freezer applications.