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GoDEX HD830i Label Printer meets new Walmart 1/1/23 specifications for Pallet Labels

The GoDEX HD8301 Thermal Transfer label printer, will print an 8-1/2” x 11” pressure sensitive pallet label that is compliant with the new Walmart pallet labeling specifications effective 1/1/2023!

It is designed to print this large size label to enable users to put them on pallets after they are build up to 40 + shipping cases or more, stretched wrapped, and ready to be shipped or put into inventory.  The label is applied by hand. Just peel off the backing and affix the label on one or two sides of the pallet.
Walmart has a new pallet label specification that went into effect 1/1/2023 for certain types of merchandise shipped on pallets. The Walmart purpose of this size label is to have needed text and barcode information located on specific areas of the label. This enables forklift drivers to easy read the contents of a stretch wrapped pallet. Two identical labels are required to be placed on two adjacent sides of the pallet in a particular location. Often pallets are stacked in pallet racks up to 3 pallets high. This makes it very difficult for a forklift driver to read when they need to retrieve a particular pallet.  This large label is of significant assistance to that forklift driver and to others who are counting inventory.
In some cases, pallets may not stacked. Small labels (4” x 6”) are difficult to find and read from even a few feet away. Walmart’s new requirement is to place a pallet label on the adjacent sides of a pallet in the upper left hand corner. Again, this makes it very easy for a forklift driver or a person inventorying their products on hand to see the label and know what’s on that pallet.
The average cost of a finished label (blank label and the ribbon required to print it) is just 25 cents! So, the label cost to label two sides is only 50 cents. That is an insignificant cost to add to a pallet of product to enable that producer to be compliant with the new Walmart “Pallet Shipping Labels – Domestic” requirement. It also enables a producer to offer this to all of their customers. Fifty cents ($.50) is a very low cost to make a customer happy!
GoDEX has one competitor for this size label. Zebra Technologies makes excellent thermal transfer label printers. Their model 220Xi4 which can print an 8-1/2” x 11” label. That printer costs thousands of dollars more than the GoDex printer. This model Zebra printer currently has a list price of $7,227.00 which does not include the software or PC.   The GoDEX printer current list price is $3,595.00.
Marktec offers a complete system.  The printer is typically placed on a stationary table (or a table with casters) that can be moved anywhere in the shipping department. The vertical touch screen PC is clamped onto the table. It just needs a 110V outlet for two plugs.
Marktec offers a programming service to design templates or labels with fixed information. An operator calls up with a message contained in the PC and enters any variable information such as a lot or batch number, etc. or printer. Time and date information can roll over automatically whenever a label is called up to be printed, so that information does not have to be manually entered.  
This Marktec system which includes the printer, industrial PC, and software is just $5,500.00 at prevailing rates. Printer training and message creation training is available. It can be quoted when you tell us the details of what you would like us to provide. Shipping charges apply. This system is sold FOB our factories. Printer training and message creation training is available. It can be quoted when you tell us the details of what you would like us to provide.
Call us at (800-627-5832) and contact us at, for complete details, a brochure, and answers to your questions.

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