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Adhesive Systems

Valco Melton EcoStitch™ Gluing Solutions

Valco Melton offers a unique system design which utilizes a gear-pump driven by an electric motor to eliminate the need for a constantly pressurized system. This allows for perfect adhesive output and pattern control. Instead of controlling the adhesive volume with a combination of nozzle sizes and pressure settings, EcoStitch™ technology delivers variable dot sizes electronically without manual adjustment. EcoStitch™ does this by using the valve to control the volume of adhesive being used based on the time that the valve is open. This all-electric hot melt breakthrough solution eliminates nearly all maintenance and performance issues associated with traditional adhesive systems.

EcoStitch™ is ideal for applications with high line speeds, fast cycle rates, and long service life. Electric valves allow you to use a ‘stitch’ mode to apply the correct size of adhesive beads with virtually no stringing, to guarantee exceptionally accurate application, even at very high line speeds. The EcoStitch™ valve easily reaches 3,000 cycles per minute continuous duty and has a cycle lifetime of up to 300,000,000 cycles.  Paired with a Valco Melton pattern controller, you can customize patterns to optimize efficiency and reduce adhesive consumption.

  • Fast Payback: This system can pay for itself in as little as 4 months of use.
  • Adhesive Savings:The All-Electric solution allows you to use it’s “stitch mode” to apply cost saving adhesive beads with no stringing and a perfect bond. Many customer installations have resulted in a 40%-60% reduction of adhesive usage.
  • Less Downtime:Electric gear pumps and the electric valve design has eliminated a majority of the seals used to run a pneumatic system. This reduces the probability of frequent failure when using so many moving parts.
  • Safer Operation:Electric hot melt systems use lower pressure settings than pneumatic systems resulting in a safer work environment.
  • Eliminate Clogged Nozzles:Electric valves functionally eliminate clogged nozzles by working at lower pressures with larger nozzle orifices.

EcoStitch can be added to your existing machine or as a full system.

Full System Conversion: Includes a gear pump melt unit, pattern control with EcoStitch™ technology, and MX electric valves.
OEM System Conversion: Includes a gear pump melt unit, valve drivers with EcoStitch™ control (that utilizes existing PLC recipe) and MX electric valves.
Existing System Gun Conversion: Utilizes existing melt unit, includes valve drivers with EcoStitch™ control (that utilizes existing PLC recipe) and MX electric valves.