Semi-Automatic Container Labeling

Advent Pressure Sensitive and Hot Glue Labelers

Advent Model 200

Advent 200
The Advent Model 200’s packed with features that may not be easily noticed from first observation, but hidden beneath the tough chemical resistant ABS plastic cover is a labeling machine capable of satisfying the needs of the most discriminating buyer.  You can say that you are using too much glue and there are raised rings around your container not to mention the glue that can be seen through the label itself- Problems solved – eliminate the majority of the glue on the label and you will eliminate these problems. The Advent label applicator machine does exactly that, by applying glue to only the ends of the label with its patented end gluing feature that requires no adjustments for different length label. The machine does it automatically What’s more, this feature is standard on Model 200.

Advent Model 205

Advent 205
THE MODEL 205 is designed for semi-automatic application ot plain labels to five gallon round containers.
The Model 205-T automatically registers labels between lugs on metal or plastic pails while being capable of handling other round containers down to quarter pints.


Advent Model 300

Advent 300
The Advent Model 300 Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine is unique when compared to other semi-automatic P-S labelers. With its ingenious design, air pressure and a label sensing switch are not required in its operation. Air pressure on other machines is required to lift the container up to the point of label application and then down where it is removed. This raising and lowering of the container wastes time. Advent has chosen to apply the label from the bottom of the container and use the weight of the container to press on the label. This method saves application time and increases labeling speed considerably. On other machines, the label sensing switch senses the space between labels on the label web in order to tell the machine when to feed a label. Advent does not require this switch which enables it to apply butt cut labels along with die cut labels. The Advent Model 300 is not a small table top labeler. This model is a production machine. It is designed for continuous operation.

Advent Model 310

Advent 310
The Advent Model 310 is what you might call an almost automatic Pressure-Sensitive labeling machine. Containers are fed into the machine by hand but are ejected automatically As the operator places the container into the machine the previous labeled container is pushed forward and onto a short gravity conveyor. If the containers are filled, they roll forward to the packing station. If they are empty, they can roll off into a box or go directly to the filling line. By handling each container only once, labeling speed is increased considerably. Speeds up to 30 to 40 containers per minute are not uncommon.