Hi-Res Inkjet Printers

FoxJet Marksman Elite Pro

FoxJet Marksman Elite Pro
FoxJet’s Windows® -based Marksman Elite Controller is a flexible stand-alone industrial controller that is designed with a leading 17” touch screen for easy viewing and message creation. The rugged stainless steel case design captures all connectors internally, keeping them free from exposure to moisture and dirt. The Marksman Elite was designed with 50% fewer components than previous models to maximize reliability and uptime. Our Elite is easy on the environment, by utilizing Intel’s® low power Atom® processor and Solid State Disk the controller is designed to consume a third less power compared to previous models.
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FoxJet Marksman Duo XT

FoxJet Marksman Duo XT2
FoxJet’s Marksman Duo XT controller is capable of operating up to two ProSeries high-resolution printheads. With the addition of a second circuit board it can operate up to four ProSeries printhead making this an outstanding customer value. The LCD color touch screen offers users the clear WYSIWYG interface for easy operation.

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Squid Ink Auto Pilot

Squid Ink Auto PilotThe AutoPilot Advantage
Squid Ink introduces the AutoPilot printing system, a feature-rich hi-resolution printing system available at an entry level price. Squid Ink’s AutoPilot printing system offers several advantages over competitive HP® or Lexmark® – based printing systems. With the AutoPilot, users can expect 30% larger print, the ability to upgrade to a 2nd printhead, message programming via touchscreen user panel, the ability to printbarcodes with standard systems, the ability to print on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, and much more.

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